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Human health depends on many factors, and one of them is proper nutrition. This should be followed not only by models, artists, politicians and all those who speak to people. The fact is that malnutrition, overweight problems or anorexia entail many unpleasant consequences. These are, in particular:

  • Diseases of organs gastrointestinal tract – gastritis, ulcers and more
  • Disorders of cardio-vascular system – for example, thrombosis or atherosclerosis
  • Joint diseases - due to excess weight, the load on the joints and spine increases
  • Diseases of the biliary tract - excess fat in the abdomen can cause gallstones
  • Metabolic disorders caused by endocrine diseases, including diabetes mellitus, - because of them, it is more difficult for the patient to lose weight, even if he wants it and makes considerable efforts

But such problems can be dealt with. A dietitian will help you with this.



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