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When to See a Cardiologist

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of disability as well as premature death, so you should pay special attention to your health.

You must make an appointment if you experience the following symptoms:

врач кардиолог прием

  1. sharp pain in the region of the heart or behind the sternum.
  2. violation of the heart rhythm.
  3. shortness of breath, frequent dizziness, fainting, headaches.
  4. temporary impairment of speech or vision.
  5. increased blood pressure.
  6. periodic weakness, rapid fatigue.

Highly effective, as well as modern methods of treatment and diagnostics are available at the family medicine center, which will make it possible to detect disorders at an early stage and prevent the development of many pathologies. The specialists of the clinic will conduct an anamnesis, instrumental and laboratory diagnostics, and prescribe effective drug therapy.

Disorders in the work of the heart require constant monitoring by a cardiologist. Clinic doctors:

  • develop an individual rehabilitation program for each patient;
  • provide detailed recommendations on the correct lifestyle in case of violations in the activity of the heart muscle;
  • quickly restore the body after a cure for cardiovascular diseases, surgical operations;
  • prescribe a set of preventive measures.


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