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Today, everyone hears the words: ozone, ozone therapy. Moreover, many say it, advertising flashes, but not everyone knows what it really is. From the high school chemistry course, we are approximately aware that it seems to be some kind of gas that happens after rain with a thunderstorm. But this is where our knowledge in this matter for the most part is limited. Ozone therapy is a method of treatment in which an ozone-oxygen mixture is used. Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen - O3, which has a much higher activity. The concentration of ozone in it is sufficient to have a powerful effect on the entire body.

Initially, ozone was used in dentistry, but later, when doctors studied the properties of this gas in more detail, it was found that ozone is a universal therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

In recent decades, methods associated with the parenteral administration of therapeutic doses of ozone have come to the fore - systemic ozone therapy. Ozone therapy increases the capacity of the body's antioxidant defense system, prevents oxidative stress and neutralizes the destructive effect of free radicals. At the same time, the production of elastin and collagen is activated, the ability of the skin to retain moisture improves. For intravenous administration, therapeutic physiological solutions or the patient's autologous blood enriched with ozone are used, which is carried out on special medical equipment. Currently, ozone therapy is used in the system of medical institutions in a number of regions of Russia, it has a wide range of non-specific effects in many widespread diseases, such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diseases of the respiratory system, digestion, skin and venereological, surgical, obstetric-gynecological, neurological pathology, infectious diseases, etc.

At present, the extraordinary properties of ozone are actively used in the field of medicine in the treatment of various diseases, the correction of skin problems, the stimulation of immunity during the peak of colds, and infertility.

Ozone is a very powerful antiseptic. This property gives the right to consider the ozone therapy procedure more effective than treatment with antibiotics. Ozone has a destructive effect not only on a variety of bacteria, but also fungi, viruses that are resistant to antiviral drugs.

During treatment, it can be administered in several ways: intramuscularly, intravenously and subcutaneously. There are methods of ozone therapy that involve the introduction of gas intravaginally and rectally.

During the procedure, immunity is strengthened, the protective properties of the body increase. Ozone, due to its antiseptic properties, contributes to the effective sanitation of the body from foci of inflammation.

The result of the procedure is the restoration of the functions and permeability of membranes, the activation of metabolic processes. In addition, ozone therapy improves the efficiency of the antioxidant system. Thanks to this, the harmful effects of free radicals are eliminated, the skin's ability to retain moisture is restored, and its regeneration is activated.

The procedure of ozone therapy promotes blood thinning. In this regard, the microcirculation through the vessels is accelerated, the delivery of oxygen and all the necessary nutrients to the cells of the organs improves. Judging by the reviews, such an effect favorably affects the general condition of the body: intellectual functions and working capacity increase, apathy disappears.



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