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Ultrasound – 4D (+CD disk)

4D UZI - the latest method of ultrasound, which is widely used in modern medicine. It allows you to see a three-dimensional image (in height, length and depth) of the investigated area of the human body in real time. Unlike 3D, 4D ultrasound provides a three-dimensional image that is not static (“frozen”), but dynamic. The result is a visual picture close to the images observed during endoscopic procedures. However, 4D ultrasound compares favorably with endoscopy in non-invasiveness and the absence of any discomfort during the study period.

In the process of performing 4D ultrasound, the diagnostician can observe a three-dimensional picture of the spatial arrangement of objects in the area of interest. Moreover, the viewing procedure involves the rotation of the generated image in the horizontal and vertical directions at any angle. By choosing the optimal plane of rotation, the researcher gets the opportunity to accurately assess the ratio of the studied organ, vessel with neighboring anatomical and pathological structures.

Important diagnostic information is provided by 4D ultrasound during pregnancy. Its results are used to detect and manage multiple pregnancies, identify pathologies of the placenta and umbilical cord. 4D ultrasound of the fetus allows to establish various anomalies of its development with high accuracy. 4D technology is of particular value in obtaining a three-dimensional image of the fetal heart. It provides a good visibility of intracardiac hemodynamics and allows you to determine a variety of heart defects.

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