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Digital X-Ray

Radiography is used to diagnose various diseases of the bone, respiratory and other body systems. Before the study, the patient must remove all metal objects that may interfere with the passage of the rays. But should you take off your clothes?

X-rays are done in clothes when it is necessary to examine the limbs, jaws, hip joints, but other areas of the body must be covered with a lead apron. This will help protect the internal organs from harmful ionizing radiation.

But if it is necessary to perform a fluorography or an x-ray of the spine, then in this case it is recommended to undress to the waist, as clothing can spoil the quality of the finished images.

As for the female gender, in the X-ray room, women must also take off their bra, because its individual elements can be made of metal (bones, straps fastening, clasps), which will undoubtedly spoil the result of the study.


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