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24-hour Holter ECG monitoring
Depending on the nature of the course of the pathological process, the clinical picture at the current time may not provide clear criteria for establishing a clinical diagnosis. In this case, the doctor prescribes diagnostic studies conducted over a wider time range, in the mode of the patient's daily activities, allowing not only to monitor the activity of the cardiovascular system, but also to identify those trigger factors that lead to pathological changes. This group of studies used in outpatient practice includes 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring (Holter SMEKG) and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).


The 24-hour ECG monitoring system consists of an ECG recorder (which the patient usually wears on a belt in the proposed case) and a system of electrodes (wires) attached to the patient's body. At the end of the study, the doctor transfers the ECG data to a computer program, and after performing a digital analysis, interprets the results and draws up a medical opinion.

Indications for daily ECG monitoring are:
suspicion of a violation of the heart rhythm and conduction;
suspicion of coronary heart disease;
assessment of the correct operation of an artificial pacemaker (pacemaker);
fainting, bouts of dizziness and sudden weakness in history.
For the study, it is important to properly prepare the skin for the placement of electrodes: the hair at the points of connection of the wires is shaved, the skin is degreased. It is advisable for the patient to wear loose, comfortable clothing during the examination. Water procedures (bathing, showering) are excluded for the duration of the SMEKG.

During the study, the patient leads a normal life (works, plays sports, walks), recording all the complaints that arise during the monitoring process in a special diary. In addition, the diary indicates the possible intake of medications, a change in types of physical activity.

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