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How is an ultrasound of the heart performed?

During echocardioscopy, the doctor uses different modes of the ultrasound machine:

one-dimensional (M-mode),
2D (B-mode),
Doppler mode (assessment of blood flow velocity in chambers and vessels),
color doppler - color doppler (to determine the direction of blood flow and identify pathological ones),
power doppler (registers the very fact of the presence of blood flow in the vessels),
tissue doppler (a deeper assessment of myocardial contractility, based on the study of the nature of the movement of the walls from the sensor and to it),
3D echocardiography (it is of maximum benefit before operations on the valves - they are almost completely visualized before the intervention, which is important for the surgeon to determine the tactics).

Transthoracic ultrasound

Echocardiography through the chest is performed in the ultrasound or functional diagnostics room. Sometimes in a hospital, due to the severity of the patient and the impossibility of transportation, a portable ultrasound machine is used for his examination. The nurse or doctor asks the patient to undress from the top to the waist, including the need to remove underwear for women. Next, the patient needs to lie on the couch on the left side and put the left hand under the head. At the same time, the head end of the couch is slightly raised - this is how the maximum distance of the intercostal spaces is achieved for better visualization of the heart.

The position of the patient in relation to the doctor may be different, it all depends on the preferences of the latter and the arrangement of the office. The patient can be turned to face or back to the doctor, head to the machine or away from him.

The specialist lubricates the transducer with an ultrasonic conductive gel for better contact with the skin, applies it to the left side of the chest, visualizes the heart, deducing its standard positions for measurements.

Transesophageal ECHOCG

Transesophageal ECHO is performed strictly on an empty stomach in the ultrasound or functional diagnostics room. They take the consent of the patient to conduct the study, explaining before that all its essence and the course of events. The throat is irrigated with lidocaine using a spray, they are asked to remove dentures and lie on the couch on the left side, bending the legs at the knees and placing the hands under the cheek or on the stomach. A mouthpiece is inserted into the mouth so that the patient does not bite the probe. The doctor then inserts the endoscope. At the beginning, he asks the patient to make swallowing movements for easier advancement of the apparatus. Having brought to a certain position, the doctor begins the examination itself. It lasts 10-20 minutes.

ECHOCG with contrast

When using a contrast agent, it is injected into one of the veins or arteries on the thigh - it depends on the type of drug and the purpose of the study. At the same time, the ultrasound sensor remains on the patient in order to register all the data in time and take measurements.

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