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M-Echo is a non-invasive method for studying the brain by using ultrasound echography (ultrasound with a frequency of 0.5 - 15 MHz / s).

Indications for M-Echo:

►worried about headaches,
► there is dizziness,
► getting a head injury,
►detection/presence of diffuse and local cerebral edema,
►presence of intracranial hematomas,
►наличие опухолей мозга,
► intracranial hypertension,
development of inflammatory diseases of the brain,
► hydrocephalus.

With the help of echoencephalography (M-Echo) it is possible to diagnose:

►Cerebral ischemia and stroke
►Concussion and brain injury
►Vertebrobasilar insufficiency
►Vegetative-vascular dystonia (VVD)
►Impaired blood circulation of the brain
►Causes of headache
►Causes of dizziness
► Causes of tinnitus
►Intracranial pressure
►Neck injury
►Parkinson's disease
►Pituitary adenoma

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